Summer Breeze

Here we are.  The end of August, the end of Summer.  While in Socal it seems as if the summer never ends, there is a turn in the wind, the leaves, and the overall feeling that this season passes by more swiftly than the rest.

It’s been quite a few years that I’ve had to anticipate a long summer break, or revel in the excitement of school starting with fresh school supplies and back-to-school clothes.  Nevertheless I still go on a shopping spree for myself to celebrate September.  Along with a fresh haircut, new shoes and fresh pencils (we all should be using pencils more, no?).

I, too, have been spending the summer vacations as best I can.  A weekend here, long weekend there, a week in Hawaii, a beach trip here, beer garden there.  Hot summer nights lying in bed with just your underwear on, feeling the summer breeze pass by your skin that is sticky sweet with the season’s humidity.  Most nights we run the cool air that is central within our condo, but some nights, when it’s just cool enough to leave the windows open, we leave them wide open.  An occasional car passes by, but mostly – just the summer breeze through the plants that reside next to our windows.  They have been taken care of, and breathe in and out with the air that passes through them.  Nature gives off it’s own green scent that helps me sleep at night.  An almost silent, rotating tower fan brings in the breeze to softly cool us to sleep (and keep us soundly asleep).

This summer hasn’t been too bad.  Yes, hot.  Yes, a bit of humidity.  But unlike last year, we’ve had more of this Summer Breeze than in the past years.  It’s still been hot, but there’s been relief.  We are lucky to have central AC, but we also make it a point to open our windows as often as possible.  We also have taken advantage of our pool time and I have been wearing shorts and tank tops more than I ever have in my entire life.

Perhaps that’s what has been keeping me so cool… I finally took my pants off.

It hasn’t been an easy summer, to say the least.  This year started off on a weird foot and unfortunately it can take a whole year to get back to something better.  I’m grateful for all of the things I have gone through and am still dealing with (mentally and physically), but I’m ready to move onward into a better year to come.  Only a few months now and it will be 2017.  The way this world seems to turn faster each year, only makes me think that as we get older we lose a concept of time.  We get too busy, too occupied, too overwhelmed with things that weigh us down.  It takes a lot of time to overcome these things.  To overcome the negative aspects of life that just seem to get ahold as soon as we walk out our front doors.

Recently, I’ve been watching people move and change their lives to make a change.  Sometimes I think I need that change, desperately.  Sometimes I have to remind myself to be patient.  But then sometimes it feels like the easiest thing to do is just walk away.  I’m in a holding pattern, but this summer breeze has reminded me that most things eventually come to a close.  Seasons and events in life change, and at the very least – time doesn’t stop.  And it won’t stop for you.

Neither will this photo dump.  Beware, it’s the whole summer (in a nutshell of mosaics).




AUGUST (so far…)

Summer.. she keeps passing me by.  But I’ll remember that Summer Breeze of 2016.. we’ll see what Fall and Winter bring..

Love, from – Pantless Sarah



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